About Us

Hello, it’s great to meet you! We are Mel and Corey (and Benny the dog), hosts of So I Married A Scientist. Here’s a little about us.

Corey is a biochemist with a background in immunology from Yale. He owns a  consulting company that specializes in safety and regulatory compliance for labs and craft breweries. Corey loves to teach about science and has served as a tutor, coach, and science fair volunteer. In his free time, he loves to hike and fish.

Mel is not a scientist, she is an author and communications specialist. She studied social ethics and theology in grad school at Boston University and currently owns a marketing and design company where she helps nonprofits and businesses tell their stories. Mel wrote a book called Brave Talk: Building Resilient Relationships in the Face of Conflict that will be published in summer 2020 by Fortress Press. When she is not working, Mel likes writing rock music, gardening, and flower arranging.

Benny is the goodest boy. He loves all the people and swimming and bones and tennis balls and snuggles.

How We Met. Corey grew up in the Maine woods, Mel grew up in a farming town in central California. We both happened to live in Boston at the same time – Mel for grad school, Corey for work. We are both avid dancers and met at a blues dance night in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. It didn’t take long for us to realize we wanted to share our lives together. On the two-year anniversary of our first date, we threw a lobster bake on Cape Cod for close family and friends and got married. It was pretty epic 🙂 Currently, we live in southeastern Tennessee where we enjoy being outside and hanging out on the river.

Thanks for checking out our podcast!